For over 60 years Bengert Greenhouses have been providing churches, companies and individuals with spectacular flowers. Spring, one of their busiest times has burst forth with a show of color that explodes throughout the greenhouse!

An icon in Gardenville, Bengert’s uses the same techniques their family has perfected throughout the years. They pride themselves on being family owned, and are just one of the many families that have defined the greenhouse business in West Seneca.

We are so lucky to have a group of the best growers within the town and in particular in Gardenville. Seven great greenhouses within a few miles have Gardenville living up to its name. If you think of how long many of theses places have been around, you realize how interconnected they are. Each business supports the other, in good times and in not so good times. And some of this may come from the fact that for Bengert, several of the other iconic greenhouses are related. Galleys, and Lehde Greenhouses are two of Bengert’s extended family members.

Bengert’s is known for their hydrangeas at Easter, and their poinsettias at Christmas, but like the others they offer a complete line of plants. Whether you need something for this summer’s garden or some help with your landscape, Bengert and the family are ready.

As you choose your Easter plants and begin to think about the new plants for the yard, stop in to Bengerts and bask in the color and scent of the season.

Here are some photos from Bengert’s. Welcome Spring!!!