By Linda Albarella Weaver

In September of 1965 I got hired for a babysitting job, which by today’s standards would be considered a nanny position. The family was the Cottrell’s. They owned Cottrell Ford on Union Road in Gardenville. At the time, this was one of the few and one of the largest car dealerships in WNY.

I was babysitting for Mrs. Cottrell’s daughter, Mrs. Rahill. Mrs. Rahill’s had three children I took care of. They were both very nice and treated me well. Mrs. Cottrell lived in the big house in the front on Clinton Street, and the Rahills lived in the small house in the back.

I was often hired to work the dinner parties that Mrs. Cottrell gave. I would do dishes and clean up the kitchen and various other duties. The parties were very interesting, always full of all different kinds of people.

Once a week a gardener would come and take care of all of the yards. The long driveway was lined with peonies that would bloom each June, and the many flower beds that surrounded the house were always beautiful. There was a cleaning lady, and I was surprised when a lady came to wash and iron laundry, I had never heard of that.

Once a week Mrs. Cottrell would come and visit me while I was working. I remember one afternoon when she gave me a wonderful compliment. She told me “I was the best babysitter they had, and the children were very fond of me.” Coming from an accomplished business woman such as Mrs. Cottrell made me very happy.

I will always have fond memories of the job I had with the Cottrells and Rahills. They were very nice people and I really enjoyed their children.