For many of us the first signs of crocus popping out of the ground, or buds on the trees are the welcome signs of impending Spring! It has been a long winter, although if the truth be told, many of them seem long. But now, April harkens the opening of the greenhouses in Gardenville. Some like Bengert’s and Galleys are open all year round, but the others open their doors and welcome everyone in April.

Gardenville comes by its name naturally. A rich area surrounded by the fast flowing Buffalo Creek, Gardenville has always been known for its fertile soil, and great growers. Many years ago the entire area was farms. Pig farms and the pickle factory on French Road gave way to housing.

Most of the  greenhouses have been handed down from generation to generation. At Webers the son is now taking the reins and at Bengert’s, Denny is still overseeing the operation.

There is a great tradition that continues to grow in Gardenville. Here are the plantsmen and women, the growers, the generations of green thumbs.

Take some time to visit my friends, buy a plant and brighten your day, or buy 2 and brighten your day and someone else’s.

Spring is here, time to celebrate!